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All inventory is pre-owned unless otherwise noted. It's all rebuilt and restored by in-house professionals (unless otherwise requested), and tested to assure excellent working condition. This means you are getting "like new" equipment without the "new" price tag!

*If you don't see the product you are looking for, let us know! We have access to a multitude of products not listed below. Contact us
HERE or call today @ 877-538-4323!

Bread Slicers

2011 Berkel MB 7/16 Countertop Bread Slicer

Perfectly slice all your signature fresh-baked breads with this Berkel MB 7/16" countertop bread slicer! Thanks to a 1 speed, 1/3 hp permanently lubricated knife motor and heat-treated, alloy carbon steel blades, this unit can slice through a single loaf of soft or hard-crusted bread in approximately 8 seconds!


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 777-NT Bread Slicer

This is a used Oliver bread slicer. It features a compact, sturdy design, always easy to use. It automatically holds bread in place during slicing, slicing bread loaves up to 16" long x 10.5" wide.


+ Freight & Tax

Older Model Oliver NT-777 Feed Bread Slicer

This Oliver NT-777 Bread Slicer is an older model, but in great working condition. Works perfectly for a bargain price!


+ Freight & Tax

2013 JAC Customer Self-Serve 1/2" Bread Slicer

In good working condition. Brand new blades installed.


+ Freight & Tax

2012 Customer Self Serve JAC 1/2" Bread Slicer

In good working condition. Brand new blades installed.


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 938N 1/2" Simple Slice Self-Serve Bread Slicer

On demand fresh bread slicing is now more simple than ever. In formats where customer self-service is desired, the SimpleSlice® Self-Serve model features an automatic push-button operation. Steps to slicing are straightforward. Customers will appreciate the speed and ease of self-service.


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 2005 Varislicer Commercial Bread Slicer

Used Oliver 2005 Varislicer Commercial Bread Slicer in great, working condition! Product description taken from company website.

The Oliver Model 2005 is a variable slice thickness bread slicer, which utilizes a new and innovative way to slice bread. The bread is moved past a circular blade, which is mounted to a moving arm, cutting each slice individually to whatever thickness is selected. The slicer is designed for on-demand slicing allowing your customers to choose a slice thickness to satisfy their needs. The 2005 slicer also has a multi-lingual digital display prompting the user with normal operating information. The slicer employs a disc brake on the blade drive motor, which mechanically engages to stop the blade whenever the blade is exposed due to a door being opened, or after the slicing cycle is finished.


+ Freight & Tax

2021 Oliver 732-N Countertop 1/2" bread slicer

The Oliver 732-N Front Load Countertop Bread Slicer is highly compact and can easily fit on a countertop. This convenient equipment measures 29 ¾ inches wide, 26 3/8 inches deep, and 24 5/8 inches high. In addition to its diminutive size, it weighs 250 pounds. This equipment is constructed with food-safe materials throughout, making it a veritable food equipment. All contact parts are made with stainless steel.


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 777-NT Bread Slicer

Yet another Oliver 777 bread slicer. It features a compact, sturdy design, always easy to use. It automatically holds bread in place during slicing, slicing bread loaves up to 16" long x 10.5" wide.


+ Freight & Tax

2017 Oliver 797-32 1/2" Gravity Feed Bread Slicer

 Used, but in great condition. Works perfectly, has new blades installed.


+ Freight & Tax

2014 Oliver 797-21 3/8" Wide-body Slicer

2014 Oliver 797-21 3/8" wide body slicer with 1179S Bagger and Twist Tie Machine!! In good working condition, set up with new blades!


+ Freight & Tax

Dutchess M270 Electric Bun/Bagel Slicer - 115V

Beautiful slicer in like-new condition


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 702-N Commercial Bun & Bagel Slicer

Used Oliver 702-N Commercial Bun & Bagel Slicer in great, working condition! Product description from company website.

Key Features:

• Cleanly slices everything from sub buns to bagels with ease

• Perfect alternative to hand slicing

• The Oliver-designed adjustable cutting blade offers a variety of

cutting depths and heights

• Compact, sturdy design for ease of operation

• Maintenance-free operation for years of dependable service

• Heavy-duty base ensures stability

• Exclusive "gentle-touch" door slows the exit of the bun to help

prevent damage (Available only on Model 702N)

• Optional return chute for saving counter space and

efficient packaging


+ Freight & Tax

Bun Rounders & Dividers

Benier SB36 Dough Divider

Used industrial dough divider in good working order! 3 or 6 pocket, 4oz - 53oz range.


+ Freight & Tax


Henny Penny PFE-590 Electric Fryer

The only pressure fryer on the market with the capacity to cook up to 24 lb (11 kg) of food in a single load. For high volume operators, that’s huge. And here’s why: Henny Penny high reliability heat transfer means you’re never waiting—you’re cooking. Fast recovery, higher throughput, less down time. And all day long you’ll be saving on frying oil, energy, labor, and floor space compared to an equivalent number of smaller pressure fryers from other manufacturers.

It’s easy to use, too. Touch pad programmable controls, patented counter-balanced lid lift and lock system, and half-racks that can go straight from the fryer into the holding cabinet without re-racking.


+ Freight & Tax

Henny Penny PFE500 Commercial Pressure Fryer w/ Computron 8000 Controls

Henny Penny PFE 500 Commerical Electric Fryer with Computron 8000 Controls in great condition! Product Specs taken from company website...
The pressure fryer is made of stainless steel, power source electric, beautiful appearance, automatic control of oil temperature and frying time, and has alarm device and automatic exhaust performance; Safe and reliable operation, no lampblack pollution. Pressure fryer is more efficient than the ordinary open fryer and can fry the food thoroughly in a short time. Good taste, better nutrition maintaining, unique flavor, crispy outside and tender inside, suitable for all ages; able to fry a variety of food: chicken, duck, fish, all kinds of meat, ribs, steak and vegetables, potatoes. Automatic oil filter device is adopted to keep the oil in the pot clean. Easy to operate, high performance of automatic control system.


+ Freight & Tax


Hobart H600 Stand Mixer

Very nice Hobart 60 Quart mixer and a price that can't be beat!


+ Freight & Tax

Refurbished Hobart V1401 140 qt. Planetary Mixer

Beautiful 3 phase 220v Hobart V1401 mixer 140 quart.  Refurbished with new electric control switch and contactors, new bowl lift nut, new bearings on the planetary and one on main shaft, new oil, new sight glass, new clutch discs and repainted for years of work!  Motor has been recently rebuilt by an electric motor shop also.  Listing is for mixer only, can get price on new bowl and attachments if needed.


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart A200 20 Quart Mixer

The Hobart A200 features a gear-driven transmission, 3 fixed speeds, an open base, large, easy-to-reach controls, and manual bowl lift. Get the above model at an extra discounted rate as it hasn't been repainted.

*Bowl and attachments included!


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart A200 20 Quart

This Hobart A200 features a gear-driven transmission, 3 fixed speeds, an open base, large, easy-to-reach controls, and manual bowl lift.

*Mixer has been repainted and includes bowl and attachments included!


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart M802 80 Quart Column Mixer

This 80 Quart mixer is perfect for consistent, large quantities! We only have one remaining in stock, so don't miss out on this unbeatable price!


+ Freight & Tax

New Hobart V1401 Mixer Stainless Steel Paddle

New, never been used. Paddle only.


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart HL1400N 140 to 80 Bowl Adapter

Adaptor is for HL 1400 Legacy Mixer. Used but good working condition


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart 00-916493 BOWL ADAPTER,140-80-60

Like New condition. Adaptor only.


+ Freight & Tax

2016 Gemini M200 Supreme Spiral Mixer

Beautiful, Gemini M200 two-speed spiral mixer with new timers!

3 phase 220v 50 amp

200kg (440 lb) dough capacity!


+ Freight & Tax

Beautiful Rondo VMI 280AV Removable Bowl and Tool SpiraMixer w/ 2 bowls

industrial spiral mixer in stock in our shop getting cleaned and tested!  This mixer has the removable tool option, along w/ scraper.  The price of the machine in the listing includes the standard spiral hook, but this has not yet been ordered.  If you would rather have a beater, whip or Wendel attachment, please contact me and I can let you know what the additional cost and lead time would be for that.  We will be ordering new wheels for the bowls, along with the attachment, so please be aware that it will not be available to ship right away.


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart A200 20 Quart

This Hobart A200 features a gear-driven transmission, 3 fixed speeds, an open base, large, easy-to-reach controls, and manual bowl lift.

*Mixer has been repainted and includes bowl and attachments included!


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart N50 5 Quart Mixer (9 in stock!)

Need one or many? We've got you covered! We've got 9 of these beautiful N50s in stock!

These are very nice, 120v Hobart N50 Planetary mixers.  Included with each mixer is 1 new stainless steel bowl, new paddle, new hook, and new whip!  
Tested and in good working order!

$2,499.99 ea.

+ Freight & Tax

Empire EMP250 Dumping Spiral Dough Mixer

Very Nice, working dumping spiral mixer.  Set up to dump left when facing mixing bowl, but can change that to dump right if needed!  Dumps at table height.

New timers and belts will be installed! 250 lbs of bagel flour (375 lbs bagel dough) or 300 lbs of bread flour (480 lbs bread dough)


+ Freight & Tax

Stainless Steel Hobart Classic Mixer 60 Quart Paddle

*Slight twist in this stainless steel paddle, but otherwise in good working condition.


+ Freight & Tax

NEW Hobart HL14040ED Spiral Dough Hook

*Hook only. Intended for Legacy Mixer. New OEM, never been used. Open box.


+ Freight & Tax

Hobart Legacy HL80B 80 Quart Paddle

Used, but good condition. 3 available. Price is per paddle.


+ Freight & Tax


Mono Adamatic bread deck oven w/ steam

  • Very nice Mono Adamatic electric bread oven w/ steam generator.  2 deck 3 pan per deck.  This oven is 480v but transformer is included.  Also sells with new stone!

$7,999.99+ Freight & Tax

Marsal & Sons WF60 Single Wave Flame Gas Pizza Hearth Oven

  • Single wave flame oven with 36” x 54” cooking surface and flat top. A revolutionary new wave-designed baking chamber creates a dual-temp cooking zone capable of over 900 degrees F! Firebrick-lined baking chamber forces the heat from the burners back down on top of the cooking surface. The cooking surface is 2" thick brick and the rear and arched ceiling of the chamber is lined with refractory brick providing more heat retention so your oven won't quit!


+ Freight & Tax

Cutler Model KI-755 20 Pan Indirect Fired Oven

  • Nice oven, already-built with new bushings, bearings, etc.


+ Freight & Tax

Sveba Dahlen DC33 3 Deck Electric Oven

  • This beautiful electric oven has many unique features! It has 3 decks the two bottom decks have an 8" clearance and the top deck has a 12" clearance. Each deck fits 4 full size sheet pans and each deck can be controlled independently! ​

  • *This model does not have a steam generator.


+ Freight & Tax

Baxter BXA2E Rotating Rack Electric Oven (pictured on left)

This 2012 model electric oven holds (2) single or (1) double oven racks, features programmable digital controls and auto rack lift. This is a great working oven! Don't miss out!


+ Freight & Tax

Revent 620G Gas Double Rack Oven w/ Racks

Very nice used Revent model 620 natural gas ovens in good working condition.  New bushings installed, C lift (other rack lifts available if needed, please message to discuss), new gas valve, spark and flame rods.  Burner and oven will be fully cleaned!  Oven is assembled and can ship in one piece, or we can disassemble it.  

Two ovens available at this price, we also have two additional model 620 ovens that are rebuilt w/ new control boards, burners, rebuilt motors, new bushings, etc.  Check out photos for my business card to discuss!  Four Revent 620 gas ovens available!


+ Freight & Tax

Wiesheu Euromat B8 EM Convection Oven/Proofer Combo

  • The Euromat is the classic convection baking oven with a swing-out door. It is the right oven if you appreciate a range of selection options from a sophisticated design.  The hygienic baking chamber ensures optimum flow conditions and is easy to clean both manually and automatically.

$4,299.99+ Freight & Tax

Cutler Workhorse 907 7-Tray Revolving Oven

  • Gorgeous Culter Worhorse 7-tray oven, also known as a "Sidewinder" due to the fact that they rotate left to right instead of front to back. Perfect for Deli's and supermarket bakeries. Beautiful oven! Perfect working condition!


+ Freight & Tax

Tom Chandley Compacta M 4-Deck Oven

  •  High quality bread oven w/ steam!  This oven is 480v 3 phase but a transformer is available to sell w/ it.  4 decks, 3 pan per deck.  Also not pictured but included is a hood for this oven to vent the steam and excess heat.


+ Freight & Tax

*2018 Model* Baxter OV500E2 Rotating Rack Oven (pictured on right)

This nearly-new electric oven holds (2) single or (1) double oven racks, features programmable digital controls and auto rack lift. This is an amazing deal for a newer model deck oven!


+ Freight & Tax

2018 Peerless CW62PSC 4 Deck Natural Gas Pizza Oven

The Peerless CW62 Stacked Industrial Gas Double Twin-Deck Oven offers quality, performance and value. Each oven section comes with a stainless steel front, aluminized interior, hearth decks. It offers exclusive features including a space saving design and 4-cell “Power-Pak” gas burner system for better distribution of heat. The CW62 is a double-stack oven with 2 doors each.


+ Freight & Tax


*BRAND NEW Revent 7111 Single-Door Proofer Retarder

Don't miss out on this brand new, never-been-used Revent 7111 Proofer Retarder. Contact us for more details!


Dough Rollers & Sheeters

ACME Countertop Single Pass Dough Roller

Very nice ACME countertop dough roller! Perfect working condition and an unbeatable price!


+ Freight & Tax

ACME 88-4 Commercial Dough Sheeter

ACME 88-4 Commercial Dough Sheeter in great condition! Product description taken from website...

 Acme Roll-Sheeter with:

  • Conveyor table dimensions:

    • Width: 23 Inches

    • Length: 56 inches

  • Processing rollers:

    • Hard chrome, precision ground

    • Top rollers (inches): 3.5 diameter x 10 long

    • Bottom rollers (inches): 3.5 diameter x 24 long

  • Automatic shut-off across rollers

  • Rear safety switch

  • Saddle/modling attachment

  • Two curling chains

  • Variable speed control 


+ Freight & Tax


BIRO Mini-32 Commercial Automatic Feed Mixer Grinder

This BIRO Mini-32 Commercial Automatic Feed Mixer & Grinder is in excellent condition! 

220 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 8.6 Amp, 3 HP


Product Description from company website:

The BIRO MINI-32 Automatic Feed Mixer Grinder with Flared Hopper makes it easier than ever to improve productivity. Its 60 lb. (27 kg) capacity accepts full lugs that let you grind only the amounts you need to keep the case full and still keep your grinds as fresh as possible. You can use the same grinder for all of your ground products because the MINI-32 is quick and easy to disassemble and clean. All of the pieces are light so you can just carry them to the sink, wash them up, reassemble the machine and go on to the next batch. The MINI-32 is ergonomic so the operator doesn’t have to lift a lug over their head or bend over to fill a tray. Ease of loading is a benefit with the newly designed flared hopper. The 3HP drive motor gives you the power you need to grind fresh ground meat, sausage, or poultry all day. So break away from the daily grind and keep your ground meat as fresh as possible with the BIRO Model MINI-32.


+ Freight & Tax

Control Boards for Hobart HSROG Single Rack Gas Oven

Used Display control board and power supply control board from an oven that we recycled.  Boards were in good working condition when removed, oven was just replaced.  These parts are not available any longer, if you have an HSROG single rack oven, buy now for spare parts


+ Freight & Tax

Oliver 1508M Tray Lidder/Sealer

Very Clean Condition! Nice unit


+ Freight & Tax

2019 Cleveland KGL25 Gas Jacketed Kettle

Beautiful Cleveland 25 gallon Kettle tested and in good working condition.  Natural gas, ready to roll!  Save thousands over new!


+ Freight & Tax

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