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All inventory is pre-owned unless otherwise noted. Everything is rebuilt and restored by in-house professionals (unless otherwise requested), and tested to assure excellent working condition. This means you are getting "like new" equipment without the "new" price tag!

* We offer local delivery and worldwide shipping. If you don't see the product you are looking for, let us know! We have access to a multitude of products not listed below. Contact us
HERE or call today @ 877-538-4323!

Food Makers SPG-FA Pan Greaser



+ Freight & Tax

Heat Seal 104a Wrapping Machine

The Heat Seal 104A triple 20" roll film extra wide floor wrapping machine makes it easy to package a wide range of food product. This machine saves time and labor while producing an air-tight seal to maintain the freshness of meat, produce, or cheese. Not only does this benefit supermarkets, delis, and groceries, it's a great addition to restaurants in their back-of-house operations.


+ Freight & Tax

Nord Gear Drive AND Motor 9012.1AZB-63L/4 CUS - Brand New!

Don't settle for purchasing the motor and the drive separately. Purchase them together for a great price!


+ Freight & Tax

Stainless Steel Revent, Hobart, Baxter "B" Lift 24 shelf / 48 pan Oven Racks

Very nice, used stainless steel oven racks, reconfigured for "Baxter B Lift".  16" wide lift.  These racks have 24 shelves for 48 pans.  Many in stock, contact for best pricing.  New High temp rack wheels will be installed as well.


+ Freight & Tax

Stewart Systems FFSR Flour Sifter

Very nice commercial flour sifter.  Stainless steel material and heavy duty, ready for years of service!

3 phase 220v electric required!


+ Freight & Tax

2019 Cleveland KGL25 Gas Jacketed Kettle

Beautiful Cleveland 25 gallon Kettle tested and in good working condition.  Natural gas, ready to roll!  Save thousands over new!


+ Freight & Tax

480v 100 hp motor off of Oshikiri HM1000FJ Mixer

Used 100 hp motor off of a Oshikiri HM1000FJ roller-bar mixer.  We replaced w/ a smaller motor on the rebuild of the machine.  Could likely be used for other mixers and applications.  We can also send to our motor shop to have gone over for an additional fee.  480v 2 speed motor 1200 / 600 rpm


+ Freight & Tax

Control Boards for Hobart HSROG Single Rack Gas Oven

Used Display control board and power supply control board from an oven that we recycled.  Boards were in good working condition when removed, oven was just replaced.  These parts are not available any longer, if you have an HSROG single rack oven, buy now for spare parts


+ Freight & Tax

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