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Middleby Marshall, Cutler, Reed, Fish, Baxter, Revent, Adamatic, Hobart, Baxter, Lucks, Cinelli, Empire, MIWE, Dahlen and more! All ovens are pre-owned unless otherwise noted. Everything is rebuilt and restored by in-house professionals (unless otherwise requested), and tested to assure excellent working condition. This means you are getting "like new" equipment without the "new" price tag!

* We offer local delivery and worldwide shipping. If you don't see the product you are looking for, let us know! We have access to a multitude of products not listed below. Contact us
HERE or call today @ 877-538-4323!

Multiple Revent Ovens

  • We've got more than a dozen Revent ovens in excellent condition! Enquire now!

$Enquire for Pricing + Freight & Tax

Mono Adamatic bread deck oven w/ steam

  • Very nice Mono Adamatic electric bread oven w/ steam generator.  2 deck 3 pan per deck.  This oven is 480v but transformer is included.  Also sells with new stone!

$7,999.99+ Freight & Tax

Cutler Workhorse 907 7-Tray Revolving Oven

  • Gorgeous Culter Worhorse 7-tray oven, also known as a "Sidewinder" due to the fact that they rotate left to right instead of front to back. Perfect for Deli's and supermarket bakeries. Beautiful oven! Perfect working condition!


+ Freight & Tax

Tom Chandley Compacta M 4-Deck Oven

  •  High quality bread oven w/ steam!  This oven is 480v 3 phase but a transformer is available to sell w/ it.  4 decks, 3 pan per deck.  Also not pictured but included is a hood for this oven to vent the steam and excess heat.


+ Freight & Tax

Baxter OV851G-M18 18 Pan, Gas, Revolving tray Oven

  • Beautiful 18 pan Baxter revolving tray oven.  Great for so many different applications! Unit came from a supermarket where it was used lightly as you can tell by the photos.  Selling cleaned and refurbished w/ new bushings, gas valve, etc. Not many of these (if any) on the market right now so get it while you can!

$18,399.99+ Freight & Tax

Marsal & Sons WF60 Single Wave Flame Gas Pizza Hearth Oven

  • Single wave flame oven with 36” x 54” cooking surface and flat top. A revolutionary new wave-designed baking chamber creates a dual-temp cooking zone capable of over 900 degrees F! Firebrick-lined baking chamber forces the heat from the burners back down on top of the cooking surface. The cooking surface is 2" thick brick and the rear and arched ceiling of the chamber is lined with refractory brick providing more heat retention so your oven won't quit!


+ Freight & Tax

Cutler Model KI-755 20 Pan Indirect Fired Oven

  • Nice oven, already-built with new bushings, bearings, etc.


+ Freight & Tax

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