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Available Services

Removal & Installation

Call us today to set up removal of your old equipment and installation of new, used, or refurbished equipment.


We offer on-location repairs and maintenance, as well as in-shop repair.


Call us today to ask about servicing existing equipment.

What Products Do We Service?

A better question may be "What products don't we service?"

We service:

  • Mixers

    • All types of commercial bakery mixers, including planetary, horizontal, spiral, fork, etc.

  • Ovens

    • Repair and overhaul of revolving tray ovens such as Middleby Marshall, Cutler, Reed, Fish, Baxter, along with manufacturers that are now out of business.

    • Rack ovens including, Revent, Adamatic, Hobart, Baxter, Lucks,  Cinelli, Empire, MIWE, Dahlen, etc.

  • Sheeters

    • Rondo, ACME, LVO, Anets, etc.

  • Make-Up Equipment

    • Hydraulic dough dividers, Benier bread systems, Adamatic Combi Lines, Moulders, etc.

  • Bread Slicers

    • Oliver, JAC, Berkel

  • Pan and Rack Washers

    • LVO, Douglas, Hobart

  • Along with much more!

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