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LVO, Douglas, Hobart washers and more! All inventory is pre-owned unless otherwise noted. Everything is rebuilt and restored by in-house professionals (unless otherwise requested), and tested to assure excellent working condition. This means you are getting "like new" equipment without the "new" price tag!

* We offer local delivery and worldwide shipping. If you don't see the product you are looking for, let us know! We have access to a multitude of products not listed below. Contact us
HERE or call today @ 877-538-4323!

2013 LVO FL36 ET Bakery Pan Washer - 208v

Capable of washing up to 360 pans per hour, the FL36 is fully automatic and simple to operate.  With a 15 Horsepower pump and brass wash hubs, the four rotating stainless steel spray arms blast away soil for greater cleanliness, while a hot water rinse ensures proper sanitizing temperature.  Available in two different heights, (these ones are the tall model) the LVO FL36 cleans your pots, pans, bowls, or utensils with a powerful, high pressure wash; while the FL36-Tall adds the ability to horizontally hold and wash your double oven racks.


+ Freight & Tax

2011 LVO FL25E Electric Bakery Pan Washer

2011 LVO FL25E electric bakery pan washer, very nice unit, ready to go to work!  Pulled out of a closed supermarket in good working order.


+ Freight & Tax

220v LVO RW1548G w/ 3 Wash Racks

Just pulled from a working environment.  Fully cleaned, converted to 220v, and refurbished with the parts listed below.  Gas wash tank burner, electric rinse booster heater.


- New rinse tank heater elements (please specify voltage (208, 240, 460))

- New wash arm bearings

- New heavier contactor, overload and circuit breaker for large pump to handle the higher amperage if converted to 220v.

- Rewired w/ heavier gauge wires to handle higher amperage on lower voltage

- Motors rewired for lower voltage

- Fully tested and sold in good working order!
- Two nice sheet pan racks, one mixing bowl rack, and grates included.

- Gas infrared burner cleaned (can install new for additional money if desired)


+ Freight & Tax

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